UK Galicia

Sailing the Medieval Pilgrims Route

Southampton, Fowey, Ile d'Ouessant, La Coruna

23 September to 06 October 2019

14 days 

600+ nm

(2 days) Day sailing along South UK Coast.

(1 day) Keeping a weather eye to hop over to NW France. 

Refresh the breads, cheeses and hams waiting for safe weather...

(3 days) Take the coat-tails of a low across the Biscay.

Where shall we stop? Wherever efficient and safe use of winds and tides take us.

How long shall it take? Depends how well we trim the sails.

It's a sailing yacht between ports and anchorages.

What do we do? Take watches, helm, trim, hoist & practice/ fine tune coastal/ ocean navigation. Cook, clean & sleep.

Take photos, listen to music, read a book, write a book.

(Once in La Coruna, the following week I'm off walking the 110km Camino Ingles to Santiago de Compostela.

You're welcome to come along, or stay and feast on the sights and cuisine of Galicia.)

Navigation/ Passage Planning...

Isn't it late in the year to cross Biscay? Aren't there many gales?

Yes, so what? Any time of the year may have gales.

Thats why I'm going when it's less crowded with yachties.

In between the gales.

With patience.

Like I normally do: comfortably, quickly, efficiently, safely.

Except those with a penchant for lobster,chips & cognac...

costs are shared: food, fuel, gas, moorings.

This is not a commercial venture or commercial vessel.

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