Around Britain 2021

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Around Britain Winter 2021

Sailing Around Britain Early February 2021

An adventure at the wrong time of year. Because it is there and we can.

Choosing the weather windows. Training, voyaging whilst circumnavigating UK nations in winter. Using steady stream of low pressure systems to sail with wind abeam & abaft, waiting out the rain & gales. Thinking/planning hard - sailing easy. (Last year we got damp on one afternoon).

Departing 'Isle of Wight' to circumnavigate UK.

1500nm 4 weeks 43ft steel ketch up to 4 crew.

Packing list:

Waterproof hats

Fleece/wool hats

Fleece/wool balaclava/snood

Fleece scarves

Outer waterproof gloves/mitts

Inner fleece gloves/mitts

Outer waterproof jacket, salopettes

Midlayer rainproof jacket/trousers

Midlayer fleece suit, dive thermal suit (onesie - not unicorn)

Fleece thermals

Light thermals

Waterproof socks


Hiking/walking gear

Sleeping bag x2:  in case1 gets wet & 2 are warmer

Fleece blankets: to lay on/ extra warmth/ packing bunk

Quick dry towels


Waterproof sacks, bags, resealable freezer bags.

Personal knife, head-torch, spare phone/ spare tablet

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