Biscay 2021

Biscay milebuilding & ocean qualifier

Solent to Gallicia 600nm 9 days

(Join Saturday to a week on Sunday to give weather options)

We'll train for emergencies, find the weather windows, plan the passage, avoid the gales, avoid the orcas, sail efficiently, navigate with sun-stars & compass, use gps & engine in emergency, sail non-stop sharing watches and duties. 

We'll have the Solent to train & prepare in if weather is vile to start with. And the Ria's of Gallicia to enjoy if we can make an early start and fast passage.

Will it be cold? maybe.

Will it be arduous? at times.

Will it be rewarding? that's the point.

Sextants, publications, training & support available onboard...

£400pp towards costs. Includes all onboard food, safety gear, training, fuel and moorings.

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