UK, Biscay, Galicia                       02-28 May 2020

Tracing the medieval pilgrimage routes from Solent, along Cornwall & NW France. 

  • walking Camino to Santiago di Compostela;
  • cruising the Galician Rias
  • scuba & swimming the islands
  • devouring the tapas & wines

Galicia to Azores                         01-28 June 2020

Ocean voyage 800nm  sailing by sextant, compass, sun & stars. Traditional navigation.

  • Sailing the Azores island chain.
  • Climbing the peaks, diving the reefs.
  • Whale and dolphin watching

Azores, Madeira,                    01-28 July 2020

Voyaging, walking, climbing and scuba.

Portugese islands: heritage, history, cutting edge modern design. Sailing, peaks and reefs.

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